Date: 6/6/2023

Stream: West Branch Ausable River

Flow: 248 cubic ft/sec main stem

Clarity: clear

Temperature: 60-65 up river, Salmon & Chateaugay. 62-70 West Branch.

Hatches: Caddis, Stoneflies, March Browns, Sulphurs

Hot Flies: Dries: March Brown Parachute 10-12, Elk Hair Caddis Grey, Tan, Green 10-16. Fluttering Foam Caddis 16-12, Ausable Wulff, Ausable Bomber, Haystack, Rusty Spinner, Yellow and Orange Stimulators, Chubby Chernobyl Gold, Purple, Black. Fat Albert Pink, Tan.  Nymphs: Birds Nest, Soft Hackle Hares Ear, Jig Gallop’s Hares, Girdle Bug coffee/black, Olive Napoleon (perdigon), prince nymph, pheasant tail, March Brown Emerger and Caddis Pupa.     Streamers: Dark colored Wooly Buggers, Sparkle Minnow Conehead and JIG, classic Mickey Finns and Great Ghosts, Dhali Lama.

Fishing Outlook: Flows on the Ausable, Saranac, Chateaugay, and Salmon are down, but water temps are decreasing and fish are still being caught. Early starts have had cooler water temps and resulting in successful fishing. Weather outlook for this week looks awesome. Air temperatures for the next week are averaging in the 50s with highest being 65 degrees. On and off showers are expected to begin later this afternoon and last all week. Overall expected weather conditions are looking to produce high quality trout fishing. June is the month for big dry flies. Big terrestrial and mayfly patterns are a must have on the river. Skittering big terrestrial and mayfly dries have been producing a large number of fish. Nymphing wise, fishing a variety of attractor nymphs fished in tandem with nymphs more hatch worthy, like birds nests, soft hackle hares ear, caddis pupas, and march brown emergers have been the best option. For the most up-to-date reports give us a call here at the Fly Shop at 518-946-2117.

Note: Black fly season has hit us here in the Adirondacks, hatches are spread sporadically across the river. Good idea to pack a good face covering and have bug spray ready to go. If you are in need of either a face covering or bug spray, both can be purchased at The Anglers Outpost.

Up Coming Events:  For a limited time we will have coupons available here at the fly shop that can be used at the newly opened Anglers Outpost. Only requirement is the purchase of a single item (or more) from the fly shop and you get a coupon. We have a large shipment of flies expected to arrive today or at latest tomorrow. Definitely stop by the shop and take a look and make sure your box is fully stocked with current hot flies. For any further questions give the shop a call at (518) 946-2117

Adirondack Anglers OutpostOur sister shop The Adirondack Anglers Outpost is officially open 9am-5pm, 7 days a week. The shop is located at the Four Corners in Wilmington, 5698 NYS ROUTE 86. Found at the outpost is Warm Water Fly and Conventional Tackle, Stand Up Paddle Board Rentals, NYS Fishing Licenses and more. A live bait tank is being installed and should be ready by the end of next week. For anymore questions regarding the Adirondack Anglers Outpost give the shop a call at (518) 946-3474.

Guiding: We have plenty of guiding opertunities throughout the month of June and throughout the summer months. With summer vacation kicking off in a few weeks, what better way to celebrate with a family fishing experience. Our guiding service specializes in creating a fishing experience tailored for you and with June being our favorite month here at the shop you definitely don’t want to miss out. We have a variety of options to include, wading trips for trout, float trips for bass, boat trips on Lake Placid and Saranac Lake and backcountry small stream brook trout fishing. During June Big Mayflies, Terrestrials, and Stoneflies hatch, and big dry flies are a must have along the Ausable. Franklin County Bass Season opens June 15 as the bass are coming off their beds are hungry looking for poppers. Our Lake Placid Boat guide (Zack Horrocks) has been crushing it on Lake Placid. For those looking for more more secluded fishing options, we have two selections of your own private water. The Dream Mile and Bush Country are two sections of river leased by the hungry trout and only open to our guests. If you are interested in booking a trip, and/or looking for more information on guiding give a call here at the shop (518)-946-2117, and we are more than happy to fill in the blanks.

For any questions regarding Adirondack Fishing give the Fly Shop a call at (518) 946-2117 a call and we will get everything squared away, and dial you in for your Adirondack Fishing Adventure.

We look forward to seeing you in the shop and on the water. Tight lines!!


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