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The AuSable River is a famous trout stream due to the highly oxygenated water, great cover, constant water temperature, and generous supply of aquatic insects. The AuSable River consists of three main sections including the East Branch, the West Branch and the Main branch. The West Branch of the AuSable River is located in the Northeastern part of New York in the Adirondack Mountains. The West Branch starts with the junction of the Macintyre, South Meadow and Marcy Brooks and if flows approximately 36 miles northeast before it is joined by the East Branch at AuSable Forks, NY. It’s the West Branch that is known for the large trout. Some may go so far as to say it is one of the best eastern trout streams. At the very least, its the most incredible scenery many have ever had the pleasure to fish. 


From the beginning of the stream, it meanders through meadows for approximately five miles and is joined by several small streams along its route. After passing the bridge at RT 86, the speed of the water increases and has the typical riffles, pocket water, runs and pools. Below Wilmington Notch the water flows over 100 foot High Falls and provides an opportunity to catch a large brown at the base of the fall. Then the West Branch continues with moderate speed with slower pools and pocket water for about two miles before the Flume Falls


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