Date: 5/5/2023

Stream: West Branch Ausable River

Flow: 2550 cubic ft/sec main stem

Clarity: clearing

Temperature: 40f

Hatches: Early Brown Stone, Caddis

Fishing Outlook: The Ausable is high, but will be fishable this weekend with careful wading. Bank fishing and hitting the edges will be ideal on variety of attractor nymphs and streamers. Still quite cold, but the fish have been eating in the high water which has receded and is clear. Chateaugay and Salmon are less high, but also challenging wading for the spots you are eager to fish.. Always happens once or twice during the spring! Stay tuned and we will fill you in when things pick up. In the meantime, if the water is still to high for your liking go fish a lake or a pond. There has been an active bite on most flatwater bodies. Call for more details and we can dial you in. This is one reason we always recommend coming up to the ADK with you canoe on your car. If the river conditions are not ideal, the flat water opportunities are abundant.

Upcoming Events: The opening of our partner shop, The Anglers Outpost, is slowly approaching! All the information will be coming out shortly. Very excited to unveil the extension of our business and cater to a wider variety of anglers of all disciplines. Exciting stuff!

We do have openings for guiding for May, so definitely get your day on the books. A few prime dates for private water as well as guides for Salmon and Chateaugay. If you have been fishing up here a while and want to be introduced to some new routines, this is the best way to do it. Call us at 5189462117 and we can fill in the blanks!

Shop is open daily 9-5!


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