Date: 5/17/2023

Stream: West Branch Ausable River

Flow: 512 cubic ft/sec main stem

Clarity: clear

Temperature: 50-55

Hatches: Caddis, Stoneflies, Hendricksons

Hot Flies: Dries: Hendrickson Comparadun 12-14, Hendrickson foam post emerged, Elk Hair Caddis Grey, Tan, Green 10-16. Fluttering Foam Caddis 16-12, Ausable Wulff, Ausable Bomber, Haystack, Rusty Spinner   Nymphs: Birds Nest, Soft Hackle Hares Ear, Jig Gallop’s Hares, Girdle Bug coffee/black, Olive Napoleon (perdigon), prince nymph, pheasant tail, and Caddis Pupa.     Streamers: Wooly Buggers, Sparkle Minnow CH and JIG, classic Mickey Finns and Great Ghosts, Dhali Lama.

Fishing Outlook: The Ausable, Salmon, Chateaugay, Saranac and surrounding trips are all fishing well. Flows and temps are perfect for the time of year. Hatches are starting and mostly morning and in late afternoon. We expect evening Hendrickson spinner falls on the Ausable this week. Classic spring fishing on deck and the extended forecast looks like everything should maintain for the next ten days. A cold snap hit us today and is expected t0 last only 24 hours, temperatures will return to higher temps tomorrow afternoon (5/18). We have been catching fish blind casting dry flies and picking up the occasional riser in pocket water. Also doing well nymphing variety of attractor nymphs fished in tandem with nymphs more hatch worthy, like birds nests and soft hackle hares ear. For the most up-to-date reports call the Fly Shop at 518-946-2117.

Upcoming Events:  The Anglers Outpost is open 9-5 for all your conventional tackle needs. We also have a huge selection of warmwater and still water flies. A proper opening and announcement is coming soon. Live bait tank is getting installed this week. Hope to have all systems fully operational for Memorial Day weekend. All the information will be coming out shortly. Very excited to unveil the extension of our business and cater to a wider variety of anglers of all disciplines. Exciting stuff!

We do have openings for guiding for JUNE, so definitely get your day on the books. A few prime dates for private water as well as guides for Salmon and Chateaugay. If you have been fishing up here a while and want to be introduced to some new routines, this is the best way to do it. Call us at 5189462117 and we can fill in the blanks!

Shop is open daily 9-5!

See you in the shop or on the water!


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