Anglers Image Tippet Swivels

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Brand: Anglers Image
UPC: 053526751017

Anglers Image Tippet Swivels reduce line twists caused by strike indicators and large, air-resistant flies, like poppers and streamers. Tippet Swivels solve the line twist issue that causes flies not to drift naturally, which in turn makes wary fish suspicious of your presentation. The tiny tippet swivels are stainless steel and are manufactured to carry breaking strengths that are ideal for trout, steelhead, and similarly sized saltwater species. The swivels are disguised in a low-viz black finish and you get 10 per pack. Additionally, by reducing line twists, you can add to the working life of your leaders. When that big one does hit, don't let a weak leader be the cause of it breaking off! Help your fly drift naturally in the feeding lanes and extend the life of your leaders with Anglers Image Tippet Swivels!

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